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Knowledge is the foundation of success whether one is a visual, aural, verbal or physical learner. Tapping into a learning style, or a blend of styles, is imperative for retention. Compound learning styles with role work requirements, cultural biases and unique company processes—and training can get chaotic. Every company has unique processes that must be delivered into the reality of a sales or marketing role. Having the ability to answer ‘why’ questions, before asked, is one of my favorite skills because it shows students that I understand their role in the process, and can deliver on why steps are needed. In addition, I create tools and content delivered via traditional and digital means to continue support post-training.


+ Training Content & Playbooks

+ Marketing Training

+ Sales Training

+ Operations Training

+ Global, Multi-Cultural Training

+ Train the Trainer

+ Wiki Content & Management

+ Tool Development & Training

  • Develop and implement training programs that cover marketing campaigns, sales tools and new technology platforms for staff and channel partners.


  • Developed training materials for the Coors, MetroPCS and T-Mobile promotional teams, including brand and product information, promotional processes, customer relations and promotional offers.


  • Write, post and maintain wiki sites, incorporating training exercises and resources for easy access and consistent use, alleviating confusion and reducing inquiries.


  • Developed AWS webinar training materials for the launch of the new webinar platform: Adobe Connect, posting materials, tools and resources on the AWS wiki site, reducing inquiries by 45% in 3 months.


  • Trained 5 AWS global teams in the new webinar campaign process that was estimated to save staff an average of 3.2 hours of production per webinar, equating to over 1,600 hours of annual time savings.


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