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Applying marketing research and analyses when developing strategies is my strength. I challenge myself and others to take the time to create strategies based on logical learnings and resources before jumping into 'the fun part' of marketing planning, branding and execution.


As a ‘curiously logical’ leader, I find that developing strong marketing strategies is dependent on asking several ‘why?’ questions: Why is Market A more viable for expansion than other markets? Why is this new product feature important to our target consumer? Why focus solely on customer acquisition strategies, what about the base?  A strong strategy based on sound questioning leads to great things + more!


+ Marketing Plan Development

+ New Market Launch

+ Go-to-Market

+ Marketing Mix Modeling

+ Brand Management

+ Product Management

+ Acquisition & Retention

+ Pricing & Offers

+ Market Planning

+ Budgeting & Forecasting

+ Multi-Cultural Integration

+ Internal MarCom & Wiki Content Management

+ Marketing Tools & Best Practices

  • Multi-market expansion, with extensive understanding of infrastructure processes, segmentation strategy, and sales channel development.



  • Establish and maintain integrated marketing strategies across all sales channels and consumer touch points, including online and traditional media to meet organizational objectives.


  • Develop and track tactical marketing calendar and programs using MS Project, Excel or online tools.


  • Product design prototype and testing.


  • Create and maintain marketing budgets ranging from $50,000 campaigns to $23 million annual market media buys.

  • Develop and manage brands for start-ups and entrenched consumer product companies.


  • Create tools for Global sales and marketing teams to ensure consistent branding, messaging and execution across markets, such as: messaging hierarchies, calendar templates, business case forms, localization templates, etc.


  • Develop multicultural campaigns, bilingual sales tools and niche community outreach programs, especially skillful in targeting underserved market segments, learning and addressing language barriers, cultural gaps and special requirements to meet needs.


  • Forecast market targets, sales quotas and business revenue to meet company financial and performance objectives.


  • Developed 2010-2014 T-Mobile Local Marketing business cases, including integrated operational plans, $180 million budget allocation and marketing strategies designed to generate 15%+ increase in sales.


  • Launched Barton Brands products in US markets with internal product training, account management tools for sell-in and SKU KPI tracking mechanisms.


  • Developed, executed and analyzed Peroni product launch that resulted in a 9.1% account take-rate and 161% lift in sales from plan.


  • Developed multi-year marketing strategies and budgets for 2 MetroPCS wireless markets with annual budgets up to $23 million.


  • Successfully launched the MetroPCS brand in Los Angeles & Sacramento markets. Reached 40% annual growth, exceeded market and profitability goals within the first year, and attained 70% unaided brand awareness by year 2.


  • Created MetroGOLD customer retention program that extended customer lifetime value by 2 months and increased monthly average revenue per user by $70.


  • Built and executed T-Mobile localized marketing plans for Los Angeles, San Francisco and other West Region markets that represented 35% of total sales, all executed within a $5 million budget, increasing sales 22% in six months.


  • Enhanced Coors Light/St. Jude Children’s Hospital Halloween campaign strategy that resulted in increased local revenues by 300%, contributing to the nationally raised total of $2 million.



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