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Administration is part of any sales person’s life; it is the balance of selling and maintenance that is essential. I found that supporting sales teams with best practices and tools frees time for representatives to build deeper relationships and close sales, rather than duplicating efforts in the ‘process’ of selling.


Understanding the sales process is the first step to developing and streamlining tools that will enable teams to sell more, faster. I relish evaluating sale operations, seeking process simplicity, and creating rational tools that reduce superfluous administrative tasks, giving everyone more time to focus on customized client engagement and proposals that close sales.


+ Operations & Cost Management

+ CRM/Data Management

+ Compensation Policy & Incentives

+ Salesforce

+ Sales Tools & Best Practices

+ Sales Training

+ Sales Meetings & Events

+ Proposals & RFP Management

+ Reporting & Feedback

  • Develop, maintain and track Salesforce campaign CRM data for cleanliness and coding, focusing on accurate reporting.


  • Manage API requirements when integrating a new software platform.


  • Track and report demand generation campaigns, developing standard processes and tools for business cases and post-mortem results.


  • Create sales tools: language translation forms, prospecting message hierarchies, branded proposal templates, product training materials, etc.


  • Manage, analyze and write sales incentive and compensation policies, including planning sales incentives and reporting results.


  • Planning and executing local to international trade events, utilizing lead generation tools and tracking conversion results.


  • Produce customized marketing communications for accounts and channels: sales presentations, marketing campaigns, press kits, newsletters, and wiki sites.


  • Re-engineered the MetroPCS collateral system by developing an online portal that saved over 2,000 annual labor hours, increased dealer participation by 50%, maintained Company and OEM branding,  and trimmed over $200k in expenses.


  • Developed and delivered AWS Salesforce webinar campaign processes, training and support for Global teams, collaborating with Adobe Connect, Salesforce and developer vendors with API requirements.


  • Redesigned Winstar Communications compensation plans and simplified systems that saved an average of $50k monthly in commissions, thereby positively increasing profit margins.


  • Condensed 4 inconsistent Winstar Communications sales systems to 2 accurate reporting systems that saved programming, analyses and planning time for several internal teams.


  • Trained and monitored the PRO Golf School’s national distributor network on the elements of branding, media buying, public relations, trade shows and community events, that decreased distributor inquiries by 65%.


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