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I consistently rely on qualitative and quantitative data to learn, develop and execute programs. Paid, free, or limited, if there is data out there, it is harvested, analyzed and applied for decisive business solutions. My approach to analysis is simple, asking: who, what, when where and how, and incorporating numerous analysis methods for thorough reporting. My reports are accurate and honest, a culmination of multiple methodologies, not a tool to prove one point or fictionalize a positive outcome.


I stand behind my research and analysis, and have an acute capacity to assess a situation, seeking multiple perspectives, gathering ample information, and identifying key issues to be addressed.

+ Data Mining & Management

+ Target Marketing

+ Market Segmentation

+ Regulatory Tracking

+ Surveys

+ Competitive Intelligence

+ Focus Groups

+ A/B Testing

+ Data Reporting Tools Development

+ Customer Insights & Segmentation

+ Performance Reporting

+ Campaign ROI

+ Pricing Analysis


  • Research new markets for potential company and/or product launches, prioritizing and managing launch timing, budgets, resources and staffing.


  • Evaluate marketing campaigns, sales programs, internal processes and product performance, presenting findings to leadership (up to C-level) and stakeholders.


  • Consistent product & promotional ROI reporting by creating and sharing standardized business case tools, for dependable company-wide program development and reporting.


  • Utilization of internal, external, paid and free data resources (such as Nielsen, Dun & Bradstreet, US Census), into comprehensive evaluation and reporting tools.


  • Execute internal account audits and external consumer market surveys to evaluate brand health and channel performance to find market and competitive opportunities for the development of future programs.


  • Developed 6 national T-Mobile market planning tools that integrated 13 internal and external databases, that saved over 2,500 labor hours, $1.2 million in agency fees, and is currently utilized by product, analyses, agencies and senior management teams.


  • Margin analyses of Coors Family of Brands and Barton Beers product profitability by SKU, integrating FOB, taxation and other margin considerations.



  • Conducted quarterly pricing analysis for all CareerTrack international seminars to track competition and foreign currency rates, and recommended different pricing strategies that resulted in a 33% revenue increase in Germany.



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