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Successful project management requires universal vision, open collaboration, and strong organizational skills. Regardless of the setting, I have managed several projects that involved intricate deliverables, unique timelines, and cross-organization resources to implement and found that some companies and teams are more supportive of projects than others, so understanding the project scope, having ability to effectively communicate, and successfully pursuing collaboration is vital for implementation.


+ Project Scope & Planning

+ Tracking & Gantt Charting

+ Microsoft Project & Other Platforms

+ Resource Allocation

+ Budgeting

+ Testing

+ Go Live

+ Evaluation

  • Analyze current systems and processes to evaluate steps and define gaps, leading to the submission of alternative and simplified process recommendations.

  • Outreach to project teams for ideation, collaboration and KPI creation, building cohesive objectives and quantifiable results.

  • Develop, maintain and communicate marketing and sales programs, utilizing Microsoft Project/Gantt chart tracking methods, to keep projects aligned with the program scope, resources and timelines.


  • Recurring project updates to collaborative teams and leadership, tweaking prioritization, asset allocation and deliverables.


  • Evaluated 8 digital webinar platform vendors for Amazon Web Services, and obtained team feedback and needs assessments to: develop a 118-point platform requirement tool, execute multiple platform tests, and negotiate platform contracts, all within defined timeframes, budgets and requirements.


  • Globally launched Adobe Connect at Amazon Web Services, a new webinar platform incorporating the platform into AWS technical cloud structure, tweaking the platform to AWS branding requirements in 8 languages, and training global staff on platform use, resulting in generating over 20k qualified leads and over $600k in direct revenue within 6 months.


  • Developed new internal project tracking system at Encore/Starz Media using online and offline forms that saved up to 15 hours of processing redundancies per week and reduced production errors.


  • Developed MetroPCS ordering database to track NPA/NXX phone numbers for timely reporting to the CLECs, limiting risk of fines and unassigned phone number waste.


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