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Running a business is all-inclusive.  Having the ability to understand and apply more than one expertise area is a strong skill that translates into better reasoning and decision-making.  Consider me as your ‘business leader’ —  I have worked in start-ups, created financials, and met with investors. I understand multiple silos and focus on the best business outcomes. Plus, fiscal responsibility is embedded in my DNA. I diligently manage my business checkbook and believe that spending more money will not save a business or campaign based on poor strategy.


+ Business Plan Development

+ KPI Development & Tracking

+ Forecasting

+ Financial Reporting

+ Pre-IPO/IPO Management

  • Collaborate in the development of business units, new product introductions, and company reorganization projects.


  • Author of formal business plans, including financials and research, for several consumer product start-up companies.

  • Create pro-forma P&L evaluations of marketing opportunities and partnerships.


  • Contributor of monthly forecasts for sales (lead traffic, product volume) and marketing (advertising reach and frequency, campaign ROI).


  • Present marketing plans, sales channel programs and business analyses to leadership, using PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Access, Adobe Connect, and video conferencing.


  • Monthly KPI development and tracking (daily-weekly-monthly-quarterly) for marketing, sales and operational plans analyzing and reporting results to executive management.


  • Marketing leadership role in the development of a new T-Mobile Go-to-Market business unit, developing national strategy, business unit hierarchy, and budget up to $180 million.


  • Set and tracked all marketing KPIs at MetroPCS, developing tracking processes and tools for standardized market reporting, collaborating with Finance and Operations teams to ensure accurate financial and network performance results.


  • Authored the Triovolo business plan.


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