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Your...Strategic Activist merging tools


Scoring leads & closing sales using innovative technology + MORE!


Garner company advocates with the marriage of digital tools & data systems

that streamline administrative tasks, improve reporting accuracy,

and frees time

for sales planning & quality client outreach.

+ Accelerate the buying process by pioneering competitive strategy directives linked to real-time digital asset libraries.

+ Design APIs uniting sales and marketing platforms for instantaneous visibility into lead scoring, sales cycles & buying behaviors.

+ Harness the full range of tracking, analytic & reporting tools (i.e. Salesforce, Marketo, Tableau) without reaching data overload.

+ Expand predictive analytics to reach all enterprise levels, arming sales with simple, instant tools to proactively combat change.



Enhance lead scoring to capture client nuances,

especially changing buying behaviors, and

develop pipeline strategies that integrate

longer purchasing timelines.

+ Routinely evaluate lead scoring methodology and qualified lead definitions.

+ Scale and automate the handover and recycling of leads between teams.

+ Accelerate the lead pipeline by integrating platforms for turnkey proposal development.

+ Streamline proposal processes by integrating data and content systems.

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