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Your...Aware Leader who cherishes                       

UNIQUENESS to learn & grow.

Approach hiring and learning through multiple lenses.


Finding and hiring agile talent with both inbound and outbound proficiencies, with the added ability to apply skills in any enterprise area.

+ Sourcing the right candidates via in-depth, enterprise & team-based proficiency matrices

+ Seek talent within the organization searching for cross-functional challenges

+ Evaluating candidates based on ‘adaptable’ skills and expanded experiences

+ Implementation of multiple team loop interviews for 2-way exposure and finding the best fit


Achievement of team members’ full potential by training direct staff, sales and other enterprise teams not only in marketing tools, concepts, enterprise strategy and KPIs, but in personal and professional skills for life advancement.

+ Enterprise strategy integration, especially during new hire development and partnering

+ Ongoing new trends, approaches and certifications with real time application

+ Teach parallel capabilities

+ Individual assessments of marketing strengths & weaknesses, levels of expertise, and

   career passion/commitment

+ Train the trainer program

+ SMART career development planning, including personalized training goals

+ Utilization of free and paid certification and training technology

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