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Pursue Extraordinary by asking questions

to stimulate purposeful IDEAS.

Question conventional marketing paradigms to create relevant outcomes.


Invite people and ideas into conversations to amplify thought and action. Embracing the “why?” and asking “what if?” – taking it further, to the unknown.

+ Forge strong working relationships with leaders throughout the

   organization, not just Sales, to accelerate growth.

+ Build bridges across functions to share practices, improve processes

   and garner opportunities.

+ Encourage transparent interactions in the spirit of personal and

   enterprise growth.

+ Demonstrate value in helping others succeed before you – ensuring

   a lifeline of talent and achievement.


Drive marketing innovation through digital transformation to incorporate big & small data insights, including social feedback, while upholding bottom line sensibility.

+ Define new categories or subcategories through both analysis and social directives as a driving

   force to product, pricing promotion and distribution testing and change.

+ Test simple enhancements or augmentations that customers define as “must haves”.

+ Create offerings with exceptional content that breaks through the clutter and simplifies


+ Engage customer-centric marketing technologies through IoT integration, rethinking shifts in

   engagement and consumption of content – fully aware of channel ubiquity.

+ Fully accountable for new revenue streams and maintaining profitable growth.

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