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Pursue Extraordinary talent who embody

leadership and SHARE strength.

Integrating leadership values and producing invaluable talent.


Build trust and strength through constant, robust communication of enterprise vision, beliefs challenges, values and objectives, opening feedback loops to answer questions and gather recommendations.

+ Beyond KPIs, make goals relatable to all levels and roles in the enterprise.

+ Communicate professional achievement & growth progressions – enticing a natural curiosity

   to grow beyond current roles.

+ Stimulate shadow training in diverse skills outside the current wheelhouse.

+ Build a clear and valued reputation with external parties – meeting and exceeding

   expectations from government agencies to local communities to individual customers.


Build a highly-sought, collaborative and trusted employment environment

to attract extraordinary and agile talent,

only losing staff due to professional advancement

and/or personal growth.

Breed success and share!

+ Proactively seeking exceptional talent inside and outside of the organization.

+ Hire for leadership, not just function or expertise – put people before numbers.

+ Create an enterprise valuing “meritocracy” – a willingness to differentiate talent

   based on results as well as values and behaviors.

+ Balance programmed technology and personal participation in the hiring process.

+ Anticipate employee benefit challenges without interrupting staff motivation,

   loyalty and productivity.

+ Execute coaching and mentoring programs throughout all levels of the enterprise.

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