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Working in a silo is ineffective. Collaboration and understanding perspectives are essential. I am interested in pursuing needs of others and build programs to fill those needs – regardless if you are a partner, customer, colleague or vendor.  Imagine the possibilities of cooperation: customers are a social media PR channel and can become your word-of-mouth promoter; retail is an immediate feedback channel that can help turn around mediocre promotions into solid sales; colleagues provide various viewpoints and skills that shape resilient business practices; and vendors are your ‘village’ to achieve superior results.  Building TRUSTED relationships for honest 2-way communications that can only improve business and personal needs is the ultimate goal.


+ Training Content & Playbooks

+ Performance Reviews

+ Verbal & Written Communications

+ Feedback Loops

+ 360° Reviews & Career Pathing

+ Recruitment & Exits

+ Team Creation & Motivation

+ Reorganizations & Layoffs

+ Multiple Office Management

+ Performance Tools

+ Employee Development

+ Coaching

+ Volunteerism

  • Facilitate group discussions and ideation sessions to develop annual plans, monthly marketing programs, solve gaps or problems, and review program results.


  • On multiple occasions, act as an interim team leader, while managing a direct team, until a new team leader is hired.


  • Delegate tasks and additional responsibility to direct staff, catered to individual career path programs, to meet team deliverables and to build cross functional skills.


  • Collaborate in the development of business units, new product introductions, and company reorganization projects.


  • Search, interview, hire and release direct reports, fully understanding employment laws.


  • Utilizing the SMART method, worked with direct reports to understand career goals, forming career path plans and skill development tasks, with an 80% positive feedback score resulting in multiple staff promotions and positive career growth for my direct reports.


  • Maintained progressive and professional external relationships, at any given time with: 3 advertising and 2 public relations agencies, 1 lobby firm, 83 government jurisdictions and 2 mayoral offices, from 9-55 sales partners (dealers, Corporate retail, big box), 3-5 marketing vendors, and over 10 media outlets.


  • Managed 8 MetroPCS direct reports, 50+ indirect reports and 3 business unit offices, firmly developing talent and reaching staff’s personal milestones.


Anna Loewin was an incredible manager to work for. Her in-depth knowledge of marketing, analytics and business strategy was amazing. She was a fabulous mentor who did a great job building my own skill-sets, helping me develop my own career and guiding the TMO Local Marketing effort. I cannot recommend Anna higher.


— Will Butler, Sr. Business Analysis Manager at T-Mobile

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