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Sales channels drive any business, with some channels carrying more weight than others. Regardless of size, working with frontline sales is exciting because of the direct interaction with consumers or clients. It is personal and real. The channels not only deliver on strategy but also on relationships and results – and more importantly, provide feedback to improve or enhance the business. Unfortunately, a disconnect can happen between marketing and sales that can hinder performance and returns. Analyzing, updating and listening to channels are critical, especially in today’s fast and furious consumer pull environment.  As a marketer, I include channels into strategic discussions earlier than most managers, to ensure stronger and executable programs through the frontline – resulting in positive customer relations and sales.


+ Business Development

+ Lead Generation

+ Channel Analysis

+ Target Classification

+ Retail Performance

+ Forecasting

+ Portfolio Mix

+ Retail, 2- & 3-Tier Distribution

+ Inventory Management

+ Execution Logistics

+ Channel Reporting & Feedback

  • Tracking of quantified and qualified objectives by channel, creating tools for consistent reporting.


  • Develop sales profiles, by channel, account and representative, evaluating sales performance, brand share and competitive environment.


  • Setting and analysis of product portfolio and channel performance KPIs.


  • Managed 9 independent Coors beer distributors in a 2-state region, carrying up to 8 products in the Coors Family of Brands with multiple SKUs per brand; inspecting marketing, sales, operations and management to meet Corporate objectives and contractual obligations.


  • Created T-Mobile’s first pilot retail performance program, termed RAMP, that targeted 37 under-performing Retail stores, improving sales 8.4% within three months in markets experiencing 20%+ loss in market share.


  • Developed and executed a new T-Mobile national retail grand opening & sales performance program (termed UP+GO) that integrated consistent, long-term marketing plans for profitable, timely returns for grand opening and under performing Company stores.


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