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In today's environment, creating and executing brands requires the knowledge and experience of content storytelling partnered with integrated media, both traditional and digital.  With the advent of digital media, spreading multiple, custom messages is now faster and more efficient than ever. Beyond imaginative design, relevant messaging and traditional execution, today’s leader must build an integrated media campaign mix AND have the ability to manage the mix for balance AND real-time customer input, especially with seasonal products or services. Compound the multi-media and customer-driven experiences with multiple agencies and more investment return analytics, and the role of brand advocate becomes tricky. Happily, I have experienced all aspects of brand creative and agency management, fully embracing the fluidity and fast execution in today’s personalized business landscape.


+ Brand & Asset Management

+ Agency Hiring & Supervision

+ Production & Copywriting

+ Localization / Mass Customization

+ Campaign Development & Management

+ Media Planning & Buying

+ Lead Generation

+ Content Management

+ Traditional: Television, Radio, Print, Outdoor

+ Digital: Web/SEO, Email, Social Media, Webinars

+ Regulatory & Legal

  • Campaign development, execution and tracking of traditional advertising campaigns (radio, television, print, direct mail) and dynamic digital marketing campaigns (webinars, email, banner advertising, social media), with annual single market budgets up to $23 million.


  • Media planning and buying for traditional and digital media (English and Spanish), generating strong reach and frequency results and additional free value programs.


  • Conceptualize, design and produce marketing materials, sales presentations, marketing programs, press kits, and Intranet sites.


  • Producer of radio, television, print and digital advertising copy, articulating key benefits and messages for use by sales and marketing teams, including developing messaging hierarchies, delivering planning tools, monitoring activity, testing copy content & execution timing, and actively participating.


  • Avid webinar and email user with a strong backend understanding of multiple webinar platforms, including: Adobe Connect, GoTo Webinar, BrightTalk, WebEx, and On24; and email platforms: Marketo and Revelation.


  • Manage creative production of online and offline marketing assets, graphic design, video production, and web development, from the initial concept to execution.


  • Manage promotional merchandising creation and execution, collaborating with internal branding and merchandising teams and external vendors in the development of up to 6 in-store promotions per quarter.


  • Hire and management of multiple advertising, promotion and specialty agencies, focusing on inter-agency cooperation and collaboration for efficiencies.


  • Executed 7 Amazon Web Services (AWS) global digital marketing campaigns per quarter, including 84 quarterly social media and email posts, driving 500-3,000 monthly webinar registrations that garnered over $350,000 in quarterly revenue.


  • Saved 13% from the Coors Distributing Company annual retail merchandising budget (savings found through vendor fulfillment analysis), and created an internal tracking system that saved over $160k per year in expenses. Received the Coors Profit Power Award for this effort.


  • Conducted inclusive multi-agency meetings during the T-Mobile franchise myTouch® launch that embraced collaboration which expedited campaign execution within 2 weeks and reduced duplicate billable hours by 13%; all with limited mistakes, clear roles and a fresh appreciation for everyone’s talents.


  • Rebranded PRO Golf Schools marketing materials for all channels, executing redesign $20k under budget, using ecological resources.


  • Executed MetroPCS Los Angeles $1.2 million monthly advertising schedule, resulting in 40% unaided awareness within 6 months of market launch and supporting efforts in reaching 1.8 million activations within 6 months of market launch.


  • Created a Hispanic, geo-niche campaign by testing and fine-tuning advertising messaging and delivery that generated a 48% sales lift within 1 month.



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