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I love collaborating with account partners and find it most rewarding when all sides are actively participating in campaign and offer creation that drive win/win results. Pushy, bullying tactics are obsolete! Opening sales planning conversations that integrate everyone’s KPIs and wants, will only enhance projects and return stronger, more durable relationships. The key is collaboration and understanding, sharing resources to limit duplication while increasing effectiveness and propensity to positive results.


+ Account Analysis & Prioritization

+ Account Planning

+ Contract Negotiations & Agreements

+ Client Relations

+ Sales Council Development & Management

+ Pricing & Offers

+ Portfolio Management

+ Fulfillment & Merchandising

+ Account Reporting & Feedback

  • On- and Off-premise account management covering sales, operations, portfolio performance, and promotions supporting independent retailers to big box outlets.


  • Create and manage partner alliance groups to open and maintain communications while understanding partner needs.


  • Find and fix sales fulfillment gaps, seeking the best practices for the team, partners and organization.


  • Customize sales programs to improve brand awareness, increase traffic and product sampling, and improve conversion rates.


  • Assess product sales and merchandising tactics, providing recommendations for SKU resets, additional product SKUs, cross-promotional displays, and endcap displays.


  • Conduct and present monthly sales results and annual business reviews.


  • Increased Coors Brewing Company beverage sales by 20% in eight months, in a non-responsive distributor environment, by building trusted relationships based on realistic sales and operational goal setting.


  • Developed MetroPCS wireless device and accessory bundles under a deep discounted pricing structure to drive added accessory sales in dealer channels while offering simple customer convenience at point of sale.


  • Successfully solved a multi-year, 2-state keg taxation problem for a Coors distributor, saving the distributor over $8 per keg and standardized pricing and taxation policies for a 2-state region.


Anna Loewin has a consistent focus on delighting the customer by identifying and anticipating the needs of both internal and external customers and developing / designing solutions to meet these needs.


— Suzanne Lowry, Owner / Marketing Consultant at Bright Concepts Marketing

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