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Devise SOLUTIONS to ENVISION a better tomorrow

with EMPOWERED people

who will change the world.

That is my mission in life.


I am a 'kaleidoscopic' leader that balances Logic + Creativity + Enterprise + Vision: an enlightened translator of data and design, and a bridge between marketing, sales and operation teams.

If you seek a leader with a convergence of logical approaches, creative innovation, business acumen, and empowering vision  –

let's work together in doing great things + MORE!


“America is the land of opportunity” was my immigrant father’s favorite quote – and today, I chose to experience as many opportunities as I can! A “get to it” gal from the start: at the age of 8, I managed my elementary school store and then jumped into school politics to become the first female student council president in the 6th grade (hey, at the time…this was great!)


Over time, I leapt into creating art (drawing, fashion, painting), playing sports (running and gymnastics), practicing music (violin and vocals), designing & selling ski wear (to pay for college), and back then, learning cutting edge technology (AV systems, video production, computer programming). I always wanted to learn and do more.


But, Time is a great trickster because when you have time to learn more, see more and meet more – getting it all done is the challenge!  I take that challenge! Adventure fuels my life’s purpose. If I want to run – I run a marathon; if I want to see America – I jump on my Vespa and see it; and if I believe in helping others make healthy food choices – I grow & donate organic produce.








I want to partake in building innovation & future leaders – I seek people like you that believe in doing great things + more!


I amend my father’s favorite quote:

The World has Amazing Opportunities –

Do Great Things + MORE!

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